Barcode Applicator

Barcode Applicator

Barcode Applicator for Green Tires.


  • Mainframe is in aluminium
  • Frame with vertical adjustment in steel
  • Pneumatic material from FESTO or SMC. Itīs possible to use a different brand according the client specification
  • 24V DC gear motor
  • Electrical connection from Harting for faster equipment change
  • Barcode reader
  • This equipment usually not uses a PLC.

This equipment was developed to apply one bar code label in the rubber material that moulds the tyre carcass.

This machine will be installed in the first machine on the construction area.Now, is very easy to adjust the equipment a few millimetres (left/right), it´s not necessary to go back to change.

In the front of the machine with help of flexible cable the worker adjust the angle and the position.To control this equipment normally is the same PLC that controls the machine, but is possible to incorporate a small PLC to control this.

According to the specification of the construction tyre machine, it’s possible to redesign this equipment.